Is there a better time to focus on employee mental health?

For teams in and out of the office, fikaTime builds socially connected teams by pairing up employees for some intentional downtime and human conversation.

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How does it work?

Add the FikaTime bot to a communication tool we support. Invite your employees to join the channel(they can opt-out whenever they want). Once a week, Fikatime will pair up employees in that channel and invite them to grab a (remote) coffee together in dedicated downtime.


These gentle nudges are the best way to encourage new growth and avoiding old habits. We know scheduling is personal, so we leave the when and the where up to them. At the end of the week, the bot closes the feedback loop by asking how things went. Get insights on what really matters.

Integrations supported
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Why is this useful?

Foster Inclusive relationships & collaboration

Inclusive by design: Introduce employees that may not get a chance to meet & encourage stronger bonds between those that have. A bit of shared downtime not only creates better relationships but also increases creativity and productivity.


Why it works?

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What is "Fika"

Fika is Swedish for a coffee break that’s more about socializing than drinking coffee. And something sweet is also welcome.

Who will you meet next?


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