Setting up fikaTime for your organisation

Adding fikaTime is easy but we thought a step-by-step process might be useful. Only the superuser(account holder for fikaTime) will need to do this and only once.

We know you probably have existing teams with the people you want in it but it's important that fikaTime has its own space to get attached to. The reasons for this are not technical, you can install fikaTime to any team you have rights to. The reasons are as follows:

  • keep work out of the conversation stream, so that it stays as intended a tool to help employees connect with each other on a personal level.

  • The number of people in fikaTime may include people from all parts of the business and having work related conversations may lead to everyone having access to those conversations as well as spamming users with irrelevant information

  • A dedicated team ensures that you focus on building a community that makes social connection a priority

Make the team public so that anyone can join. If they leave they will be free to join again when they want without having to get approval. Private Teams are for when you want to strictly control who is in that group.

You can name the team anything you want. We recommend something that is fun but also easy to understand what the team is about.

Go to the Apps section of Microsoft Teams, then search for "fikaTime". Open the app or click on the button below. 

Click on "Add to Team".

NB: it's very important that you choose "Add to team", and not "add", "add to chat" or any other Add options that might be available.

Choose the Team you created in Step 1 to add the bot to. (If you have not created a team, we strongly advise doing this first and then come back to adding the bot to that team. You cannot choose to install to a specific channel)

Follow the onscreen instruction to add the bot. Once complete, you will be the Superuser. This allows you certain rights and control over the interaction the bot has compared to other users. The bot will introduce itself to you and ask you to create an account.

You will have 30 days to try the product out for free but you will first need to create an account. If not, you will be taken through a number of screens that will create an account for you.

Make sure to check the spam folder if you have not received your verification email.

If you didn't complete this step, click on the create account button again to start it or email our support line:

This step isn't mandatory but we do encourage it because it creates a better experience when people get paired. So next time people get paired, instead of just the name, they will see the profile picture and the department of the person. We've come this far, right?

Invite someone with admin rights in Microsoft Teams to the group. They will get the standard introduction from the bot. They will then need to access the bot Settings tab, confirm they are admin users and then click on the "Grant AD permission" link. Microsoft Teams will check if they have the specified rights by asking them to login and then grant the bot the specified permissions. You can try this, but if you don't have admin rights then Microsoft Teams will ask for someone with the required rights.

fikaTime will pair up employees in the Team you added the bot to. This team will also act as the central hub for these social connected activities. We recommend announcing the initiative with the people or organisation so that it doesn't come as a surprise and helps build up some buzz.

To add people, you can

  • Invite specific people directly and ask them to join the group

  • Send out a large scale open invite letting them join in their own time.

  • Add them directly to the team yourself as you would add anyone to a team in Microsft Teams.

When people are added to the group, the bot will introduce itself to the members directly allowing them to find out more about the process. And that's it. You are all set. Pairing will happen on the Monday using the members of the group.